Our People


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    John F. Casey

    Professor of Geology, Tectonics, Geochemistry

    Office: 314 SR1 Phone: (713) 743-3399; Email: jfcasey@uh.edu


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    Yongjun gao

    Research Associate Professor, Geochemistry, Petrology

    Office: 332-B SR1 Phone: (713) 743-4382; Email: ygao@central.uh.edu



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    Minako Righter

    Lab Supercisor

    Office: 334B SR1 Phone: 713-743-3399; Email: mrighter@uh.edu


Graduate Students(Current)

Weihang Yang, Ph.D Candidate (2014)

"Trace metals and V isotope in Crude Oil"


Jannatul Ferdous, Ph.D Candidate (2014)

"Geochemistry of Metamorphic Sole"



Erik Russell Slotsve , Ph. D Canditate (2014)




XiaoJing Zhang, Ph. D Candidate (2014)

"Geochemistry of Metamorphic Sole"


Adrian Gittens, Ph.D Candidate (2012)
Raul Benavidez , M. Sc Canditate (2013)


Undergraduate Students(Current)

Sheila Liang Zhiyi Nguyen


Alma Yesmagambetova




Students WORKED IN the Lab Since 2010 in Dept. EAS

Name Degree Graduation Year Current Position
Carmen A. Dragoi Master 2012 Core Laboratories
Daniel Buechmann Master 2013  
Don Tomlinson Master 2011  
Jesse Dietderich Master 2013  
Jiang Huang Master 2010 Weatherford International
Kellen Springer Master 2010  
Melissa Davidson Master 2014  
Nam Nguyen Master 2014  
Samuel Simmons Master 2013  
Therica Grosshans Master 2013  
Armadno Altamira Ph.D 2009  
Barry Shailis Ph.D 2013  
He Sun Ph.D 2014 USTC, CHINA
Veronica Sanchez Ph.D 2011  
Yingqian Xiong Ph.D 2012  
Zhou Jie Ph.D 2010 Core Laboratories
Jeremy Kent Master Current  
Serdar Bektas Master Current  
Kurt Sundell Ph.D Current  
Lillian Schaffer Ph.D Current  
Dan Imrecke Ph.D Current  
Shawn Wright Ph.D Current  
Steven Braun Ph.D Current  



Name Degree Graduation Year Thesis Title Current Position
Nazneen Kharas M.S. 1989 Geochemistry and Petrology of the Gabbroic Rocks from Blow Me Down Mountain, Bay   of Islands Complex: Composition of the Parent Magmas and Melts in equilibrium with Gabbroic Cumulates

Manager, K. W, Khumbatta, PC

David Meaux M.S. 1989 Geology and Geochemistry of Subophiolitic Volcanic Rocks in the Arm Allochthon, Western Newfoundland, Canada R&D Program Manager at BP, VP of the Houston

Geological Society

Ali Pollat M.S. 1992 Structural and geochemical evolution of the Aladag melange complex and greenschist division of the dynamothermal metamorphic sole beneath the Karsanti-Pozanti Ophiolite Professor of Geology, University of Windsor
Jack Wang M.S. 1992 Tectonic and geochemical evolution of the metamorphic sole beneath the Bay of Islands Ophiolite: Implications for tectonic models of obduction. Geophysicist at Apache Corporation
Mike Milliken M.S. 1994 Correlation and Depositional Environment By Major and Trace Element Analyses of Cores DB-01 and DB-O2, Northwest Shelf of the Delaware Basin, Culberson County, Texas Senior Geologist at Panther Energy
Doug Reid M.S. 1995 Geochemical and Petrographic Analysis of Formations Within and Surrounding the Broken Bow Uplift, Southeastern Oklahoma Gulf Coast Geological Manager at Carrizo Oil & Gas
Yaoyang Yan M.S. 2001 Morphotectonic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Siqueiros Transform, East Pacific Rise.  
Andrea Quintanilla M.S. 2005 Geochemical Analysis of Siliciclastics Across the Iberian Continental Margin Senior Petroleum Geologist at ExxonMobil
Keegan Boyer M.S. 2005 Geochemistry of basaltic and gabbroic rocks from the 15°20’ Transform region along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Sr. Project Manager at AECOM Environmental
Jian Huang M.S. 2007 Geochemical Analysis of Diabase, Basalts, and Metamorphic Sole Rocks from the Bay of Islands Ophiolite, Western Newfoundland.  
Carmen Dragoi M.S. 2010 A Comparison Of Laser Ablation La-ICP-MS Versus Solution Trace Element Analyses On MORB Glasses From 12-16N Along Mid-Atlantic Ridge Geochemical Analyst, Core Lab, Houston
Adrian Gittens M.S. 2012 Detrital Zircon Geochronology  of Cambro-Ordovician Siliclastic Units of the Humber Arm Allochthon, Newfoundland. Ph.D. candidate, Univesrity of Houston
Melissa Davidson M.S. 2014 U/Pb Geochronology of Post-Laramide, Pre-Basin and Range Silicic Volcanics, West Texas  
Raul Benavidez M.S. current Li Isotopes of Leg 209 Gabbroic and Ultramafic Rocks  
Gultekin Savci Ph.D 1988 Structural and Metamorphic Geology of the Subophiolitic Dynamothermal Metamorphic Sole and Peridotite Tectonites, Blow Me-Down Massif, Newfoundland, Canada: Tectonic Implications for Subduction and Obduction

President at Savci Environmental Tecnologies, LLC.

Rosanne Lindholm Ph.D 1990 Regional Correlation, Age, Provenance and Tectonic Significance of  Sandstone-Shale Sequences in the Humber Arm Allochthon, Western Newfoundland. Senior Exploration Geologist ExxonMobil
John Lytwyn Ph.D 1993 Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Forearc Volcanics and Intrusives Associated with Ridge Subduction: Examples from the Pozanti-Karsanti and Hatay Ophiolites, Southern Turkey and the Chugach-Prince William Terrane, Southern Alaska Lecturer, University of Houston
Susan Smith Ph.D 1994 Geochemistry and Petrology of Basaltic and Plutonic Rocks From the Hayes Transform Region, Mid-Atlantic Ridge GIS Specialist, City of Lubbock, TX
Chunshou Xia Ph.D 1995 Geochemical Variations, Source Characterization, Mantle Melting and Magmatic Processes at the 15°20N Fracture Zone, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Appraisal Geophysicist at Nexen USA In

Zhongping Guo Ph.D 2001 The Geochemical Structure of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Axis from Iceland to Bouvet, A GIS Approach. Senior Geologist/Project Manager, ESRI GIS
Douglas Reid Ph.D 2003 Major Trace and Rare Earth Whole Rock Geochemical Analyses of the Early to Middle Paleozoic Strata of the Ouachita Orogenic Belt Gulf Coast Geological Manager at Carrizo Oil & Gas
Debleena Banerji Ph.D 2005 Geochemistry of Leg 179 Gabbroic Rocks, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge Exploration Geologist at Shell International E&P
Adrian Gittens Ph.D current U/Pb Zircon Provenance Studies of Cambro-Ordovician Siliciclastics of the Laurentian Margin and Collided Notre Dame Bay Island Arc Terranes , Newfoundland  Ph.D. candidate, Univesrity of Houston
Weihang Yang Ph.D   Heavy Trace Elements as Fingerprints for Crude Oils: Their Significance in Exploration and Environmental Tracers. Ph.D. candidate, Univesrity of Houston